Programme/Project Management & IT Consultancy

What you are doing is every bit as important as how you are doing it. Every piece of work should have a clear line of sight to the end outcomes and organisation goals.

This is hard to keep track of when you are fully involved in the day to day tasks of running the business and even experienced project and programme managers can find this a challenge. An objective look at how your projects are progressing is provided as a standard part of our project management service.

We offer a complete project/programme management service from recruitment and conceptualisation right through to business as usual.

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Change Management & Business Consultancy Services

Every business is different, with a unique DNA and therefore every business requires a different approach and a bespoke change management programme.

Culture Calculator® is one of a range of services we use with our clients to help measure the depth of change achieved in a transformation journey.

Ensuring your employees are using all their skills in a way that both clearly aligns to your business goals and motivates them to continually strive for more is now one of the most requested consultancy services.

Coaching & Mentoring Packages and Training Design & Delivery are an integral part of our support to businesses

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GOSPA® Training

Our unique planning methodology is now so popular that we have developed a training course for consultants who want to use it with their own clients.

Accredited by Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM), this two day course provides everything you need to get you started with GOSPA®.
The training also includes a one year licence fee.

Training is usually provided in-house for groups of up to twelve (minimum six) people.