Some of the most FAQ's:

-How do we build a strategic plan?
-What difference will it make to our business?
-Why do we need to measure engagement or culture?

-What's the benefit to the business?
-How can we measure culture?
-How can we manage the behaviour changes required?
-Who needs to be involved in building strategy?

There are no 'silly' questions - we will answer them all and provide a fully costed proposal for any of our consultancy services.

Our Committment

We GUARANTEE to provide timely, efficient and professional services as outlined in our written proposal with additional follow up support via telephone and email where appropriate (minimum 90 days support).We are, as you would expect, fully insured.

How We Work

We commit to providing first class, bespoke solutions to all our clients. When we work with larger organisations we sometimes use professional associates and where this is the case, Ag!tare bring together expertise from the world of management consultancy. We recruit independent consultants at the cutting edge of their fields of expertise, with many years of experience and a proven track record. This way of working allows flexibility without risk and ensures our clients receive the highest quality consultancy.

Please call/email us/complete the form on our Home page for a professional service and a FREE 'no obligation' consultation.


Testimonials from a range of our clients:

Tim - Managing Director, IT Software company: 'the results speak for themselves'

‘I admit I was sceptical about what Culture CalculatorŽ could do for us, but the results speak for themselves. We have become much more about listening to our employees, understanding their challenges and our employees now understand our challenges. We are working together to meet the company goals and this has only happened because we decided to give this unique product a try’.

Stephen - Chief Executive, Regional Building Society: 'we know we're spending our valuable time doing the right things!'

'At the end of last year we had no clear strategy which meant that people all over the business were pulling and pushing in different directions - busy being reactive rather than proactive. GOSPAŽ is a process that's simple to understand and implement. Ag!tare were able to show us how GOSPAŽ would provide us with clear outcomes and align our people and their workstreams in just three sessions. The facilitator had just the right approach for our business too, with the ability to take on board the issues we faced and negotiate solutions with the whole senior team. In fact we did more than create a strategy - we also created some new protocols for our senior management team which has meant us communicating better with our own teams, so they now understand why we're asking them to do things.The end result is a report detailing the broad three year goals right down to the actions each senior team member is responsible for. Our GOSPAŽ is a live working document - easy to read, easy to communicate across the business and easy to track our progress via quarterly reviews. We can now demonstrate the results of our hard work and we know we're spending our valuable time doing the right things!'

Tracie - HR Manager, Consulting company:
'the business has been transformed because employees know they have a voice'

‘Wow! This was an amazing exercise. Some really powerful results – hard to listen to at times – but so powerful! Our management team have really recognised the value of ‘listening’, the business has been transformed because employees know they have a voice – it’s great! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Culture CalculatorŽ.’