A unique tool developed in the UK and currently used within the NHS Trusts, Culture CalculatorŽ will revolutionise the way you engage with your employees - whether there are 30 or 30,000 in your organisation.

According to a recent Deloitte report employee engagement and culture is now 'the No. 1 challenge around the world' and yet 'Leaders lack an understanding of, and models for, culture'

A recent survey here in the UK commissioned by CIPD shows that there only 39% of UK employees describe themselves as engaged. A further 58% remain neutral and 3% are actively disengaged!
'Happiness is the secret ingredient for successful businesses. If you have a happy company, it will become invincible.' Richard Branson

Culture is driven from the top down and the engagement of your people in your business is what sets you apart from your competitors. One of the reasons this is only just beginning to register with business leaders is that until now it's been hard to define culture and measure just how engaged your workforce is.

There are numerous engagement surveys out there and they will all give you a score, but they won't put it in a context, they won't tell you the thoughts, ideas and feelings of your workforce. They won't tell you what the culture of your workforce is.
Does it matter? Yes we think it does. It's an issue that all organisations will have to get to grips with if they are going to be the best they can.

Culture CalculatorŽ will provide a unique profile of your organisation with all the quantitative data you could ever need and also the really important qualitative data that tells you exactly what your employees are thinking about and lets you start putting actions in place immediately - learn their suggestions as well as their issues!

Culture CalculatorŽ will enable you to discover the unique DNA of your business, understand your workforce and measure the culture.

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Achieving organisational goals requires a wide range of skills, a clear strategy, exceptional leadership and, critically, the full engagement of all employees. GOSPAŽ allows the management team to share ideas, aspirations and challenges to produce a dynamic strategy containing detailed plans and actions - all contained within a few sides of A4.

In the current economic climate, the drive to achieve efficiencies and reduce costs without compromising on the quality of service delivery remains a significant pressure on managers at all levels. Access to relevant, timely and accurate management information directly related to the strategy and presented in a graphical dashboard view, enables our clients to focus on the critical issues that affect their business performance and their progress towards their agreed goals.

GOSPAŽ is simply the best method of planning we have ever used and now we can share it with all our clients.

'At the end of last year we had no clear strategy which meant that people all over the business were pulling and pushing in different directions - busy being reactive rather than proactive. 

Ag!tare were able to show us how GOSPAŽ would provide us with clear outcomes and align our people and their workstreams in just three sessions.

The end result is a report detailing the broad three year goals right down to the actions each senior team member is responsible for. Our GOSPAŽ is a live working document - easy to read, easy to communicate across the business and easy to track our progress via quarterly reviews. We can now demonstrate the results of our hard work and we know we're spending our valuable time doing the right things!' HR Manager

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