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•  We will analyse the data and produce management reports within an agreed
          timeframe (usually a few weeks) and help managers to feed this information
          back to their teams. Reports can be produced that will allow comparisons via
          age, gender, job role, region, team etc. All reports provide both quantitative
          and qualitative evidence so you can see the issues, challenges and
          opportunities – the REAL voice of your employees – in their own words.
        •  We will guide you through the results and help formulate a plan of action to
          make sure you achieve a significant increase in performance.
        This unique tool is an award winner because it helps you understand what’s
        really happening in your business.

        Interested in learning more?
        Call our team on 07815 106557 or 07903 841919.

        *The Culture Calculator™, formerly known as SWOT
        UP ® , received a Finalist award (Innovation) at the
        NHS North West Procurement Awards in October 2015.
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