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What our Clients say…

           One of the biggest challenges for an MD is leading and motivating the
        whole business through a period of transformation. This is particularly
        challenging when faced with the need for steady and sustainable growth
        against difficult market conditions and an immediate need to innovate.

        ‘The GOSPA process is integral to our continued success and indeed
        our survival.

        We work on an annual basis and as a whole team, to produce an
        honest, deliverable plan guided by a facilitator who frequently negotiates
        difficult conversations around the board room table. Every manager
        leaves the process with a clear line of sight to the company goals,
        plans and actions for which they are accountable. It’s then simply a
        matter of monitoring progress at our quarterly management meetings.
        Our facilitator, Belinda, has always approached the session with a
        no nonsense, can do attitude and is fully prepared to go with the flow
        where essential conversations need to take place. This has been vital
        to producing a realistic plan.
        Not only has the GOSPA process clarified our
        thinking and streamlined our processes, but
        we are left with a culture where it’s ok to ask
        questions and have difficult conversations
        because we all know where we are headed.
        As a team we have grown in confidence and
        continue to get value from the GOSPA
        process – it grows with us!’

        Barry Leahey MBE, Managing Director,
        Playdale Playgrounds 

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