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The Culture Calculator

            Helping you to understand what’s really

            happening in your business…

            Evidence shows us that a happy workforce is a productive
            workforce, so wouldn’t it be useful to know what’s really happening
            in your business?

            We use The Culture Calculator™ not only to measure your business culture but
            also to engage your employees in the process – we’ll find out what they really
            think and feel, their suggestions for improvement and their challenges, using
            a clever piece of software. This unique product (it’s the only one on the market
            that can measure culture) is a real catalyst for change within a business.
            It starts honest dialogue across the business so that you can begin to make
            real progress and change the things that need to change – not the things
            you think need to change.

            It’s a simple process:
            •  We will agree a customised design for the template –
              no tick boxes or multiple choice questions - and we’ll
              give you a helping hand to communicate across
              the business so that everyone understands why
              they’re doing it and exactly what’s expected of
              them – blogs, emails, presentations etc.
            •  We will deliver The Culture Calculator™
              across the business – printed or as an
              email - and stay in touch with your
              employees to answer questions and
              encourage returns.

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