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‘We used Culture Calculator initially to gather feedback from our
        distribution workforce to help us plan a career pathway and identify
        the training that would be required to get people from A to B. It’s a
        good job we used this tool because the results were a complete surprise
        - and in some cases, miles away from what we had anticipated! We
        ended up planning a  pathway that suited the needs of our workforce
        exactly. The distribution workforce were delighted to be involved at this
        stage of our planning and the whole process fitted neatly into Sofology’s
        ‘You said, We did’ philosophy. Culture Calculator worked for us because it
        is anonymous and people can write what they want to in their own
        words. There are no tick boxes and the reports we get back show us
        precisely where we need to spend our efforts and our budget.’

        Simon Bassham, Learning & Development Manager, Sofology

        We take our role in the business community seriously and make sure
        we are ‘giving a bit back’ in everything we do.
        •  We provide free IT consultancy services to local schools.
        •  We run free, regular activities for Year 10 & 11’s in our local schools,
          helping them to understand the world of work, introducing
          them to local businesses and preparing them for
          interviews and their potential careers.
        •  We are active members of Greater Manchester
          Chamber of Commerce - one of our directors is
          President for the local area.
        •  We are Business Growth Mentors providing
          voluntary mentoring services to start up

        Interested in learning more?
        Call our team on 07815 106557
        or 07903 841919.

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