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Welcome to Ag!tare

            Providing a helping hand for your business

            Our business is all about your business, and every one is
            different, so it’s important we have the skills and tools to help you
            achieve what you set out to do...

            Our Approach:
               Check the Pulse: We check what’s happening in your business - we ask
              questions, we observe, we conduct interviews, we get feedback from all
              areas, we measure your current culture via Culture Calculator™ – and agree
              where the ‘pain’ in your business is providing challenges.
               Agree the Vision: We consult with the leadership team to compare results of
              ‘checking the pulse’ with their aspirations.
               Review the Processes: We review your business systems and processes
              – people, operations, communications etc. - and identify the areas for
               Build the Strategy: We provide a helping hand to
              build a strong, cohesive strategy via our GOSPA
              process, identify issues and create a plan of

               Implement the Changes: We work with
              your teams to communicate the change
              journey, facilitate workshops and engage
              your workforce.

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