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A North West based business, we are proud to operate a service that
        accommodates a diverse range of businesses, meets your specific
        requirements and, importantly, your budget.  Our unique range of tools allows
        us to provide a helping hand to businesses of all sizes and we consistently
        demonstrate that our methods help leaders to lead more effectively, engage
        with the workforce and communicate better.

        Our common sense approach to challenging business issues means that we
        often work collaboratively with other like-minded businesses, so talk to us now
        about choosing the right service to make your business the best it can be…
        Change for Good!

        Our Values:
          ETHICAL - we treat people with respect and do business the way we would
          wish others to treat us.
          INNOVATIVE - we seek ‘the difference’, helping ourselves and the
          businesses we work with to stay one step ahead.
          AUTHENTIC - we work with those we like and who ‘get’ our culture.
          VALUES DRIVEN - we work to our values and those of our clients.
          BUSINESS FOCUSED - we work to align culture with business
          goals making it the best it can be, leading to
          increased profits.

        *The Culture Calculator™, formerly known as SWOT
        UP ® , received a Finalist award (Innovation) at the
        NHS North West Procurement Awards in October 2015.
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