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Living Legacy

            A helping hand to retain a skills and

            knowledge legacy within your business

            The UK is losing valuable skills and knowledge every day – some
            of these skills are difficult to recruit and train for – and one of the
            biggest headaches for a business is losing key staff.

            Retirement, illness or just moving on, there is a significant cost to finding
            replacements  - not just financially but in terms of the skills and experience that
            has gone with that member of staff.
            Living Legacy™ provides your business with a helping hand to retain a skills and
            knowledge legacy that the business can use to:
            •  enable business continuity
            •  enhance future growth
            •  build capacity and sustainability
            •  enhance disaster recovery strategy
            •  share lessons learned
            •  demonstrate complex tasks
            •  explain the reasons for doing something
            •  describe how they feel about something
            •  explain how something actually works
              (not necessarily the way it’s described in
              the training manual!)
            •  and generally learn from experienced and
              skilled staff moving on.

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